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I recently returned from Amsterdam where I had the privilege of speaking about pre production and introducing the Production Minds Platform in a case study at the IBC 2013 Conference. If you don’t know, I’ve been using this cloud based software since it was in beta, using it on my latest short film production called Fruitcake. The guys (and gals) over at Production Minds were appreciative enough of my feedback and use of the software that they invited me to come and talk about it at IBC, Europe’s largest conference involving the film, TV and broadcast industries (a record 52,974 in attendance this year!). I’d like to just give you a recap of the event and also introduce some new tools to the PMP that I’m very excited about!

IBC 2013 and Production Minds Presentation Recap

The presentation took place in Hall 9 at the Workflow Solutions Stage where companies presented their solutions to the problems that plague many areas of the industry. Our presentation centered around the bleeding costs and mismanagement that often occurs during pre production. I used my previous experience of using many types of tools to aid my workflow in pre production and contrasted that with the use of the Production Minds Platform during pre production of Fruitcake.
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If you know me, you know that I’m a big proponent of using mobile apps and software to assist in the filmmaking process. And you also may know there are challenges and pitfalls navigating through the process of using such tools.Well I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking on that topic at the IBC conference in Amsterdam on September 14th. I’ll be specifically talking about the new Production Minds Platform and how we used the beta version during pre-production of our film ‘Fruitcake’ (currently still in production). I’ll also be talking about how the PMP software solved such workflow problems and how it can assist other producers and filmmakers in their pre-production processes.

Bobby Marko at IBC 2013

I’ll be speaking at Hall 9 of the RAI Exhibition and Conference center beginning at 11am. If you’re planning on attending IBC please come out to Hall 9, Saturday September 14 at 11am and attend the IBC Workflow Solution Session, it would be a pleasure connecting with you!

To see the schedule and more info on my presentation (and other IBC Workflow Solutions sessions) click here:

To find out more about Production Minds click here:

Production Minds Beta Preview

For the last month I’ve been beta testing some new software that for those who are in production, especially pre-production, I think will fall in love. It’s called Production Minds Platform and it’s designed to create, organize and unleash your production project. I’m working on a low budget short film with writer/director David Wilkinson so I thought it was a perfect project to test out the software.

After having the chance to get my feet wet with the software I asked the guys at PM if I could do a little preview video. I knew others would be just as excited as I am about the release of this software. They agreed.

I haven’t been able to utilize all of the features as we’re still in the middle of creating the short film. But as you will see, the software is a tool that you have with you from idea all the way to the first shoot day. The further along you get in creating the production, the more features you will use.

Ok, I’ll stop typing and let you get to watching. Couple of things first: I am sick so I don’t sound my best – I’m on medication so I’m a little flighty with my thought process, sorry if I ramble – and last… follow these guys on Twitter and Facebook and stay up to date, I know you will want this software the day it releases! Ok, now click play! :)

What’s In Your Folder?

November 26, 2012 — 2 Comments

I thought I’d have a little fun on this post and ask the question “What’s In Your Folder?”

In this digital age on filmmaking, most filmmakers have an arsenal of apps they use as tools for their trade. So I thought it be fun to open up our little black device folders and show what helps us out on a day to day basis. And to kick things off, below of what’s on both my iPad and iPhone.

Some apps are universal and I use both on both devices. However, some of them I use primarily for one or the other. You will see some I’ve already written blog posts about and there’s a few in the works. But if there are some you see that I haven’t written about, please comment below to ask for a write up. I’d be interested to know what you’re most curious about.


What's In Your Folder?

What's In Your Folder?

To continue my reviews of apps for film and video production, I want to talk about Set Lighting. So all of you Gaffers, Grips, Best Boys, etc. this post is for you! But if you’re director, DP, Cinematographer, PA, don’t feel like you need to skip over this article, I believe there’s something here for everyone!

Set Lighting

Ok, let’s dive in: Set Lighting is an iPhone app designed to give you a wealth of information about everything lighting. The different kinds of lights available, support for lighting, acceessories, even power to use for lighting. It’s like having an encyclopedia on lighting in the palm of your hands.

Here is the description from the developers:

The setLighting application was created by people, for people, who work in films, Television shows, commercial, and photography. The application is an instructional and educational tool which is a reference for lighting equipment. The application includes equipment, and specs from the following manufacturers:

Arri, Mole Richardson, Kino Flo, Dedo, CMC, K5600 Lighting, Kobold, Briese, Airstar, and many more.

I’m going to run don the 4 main areas of Set Lighting:
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