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Fundraising sucks! There, I said it, I got it out of the way! As I write this I’m feeling pretty defeated. I just got off of a team meeting via video chat and although I’m usually the one that has to rally the troops, tonight I felt very un-inspirational. I didn’t have the ra-ra speech at the end to tell the team keep their head up, “we’ll get the money!” Or, “don’t worry, we have plenty of time!” I just didn’t have it in me. Not because I’ve lost all hope. We’re not even half way done yet so throwing in the towel is a little pre-mature, I’m in touch enough to realize that. No, I just didn’t have it in me TONIGHT! I’m tired, I want to stop for just a moment and gain some perspective.

What’s the perspective?

Maybe it’s that people really still do believe in a great story. Maybe it’s that people love a comeback story as well and people are waiting to see what happens. Well, whatever the perspective, it need not change what we’re trying to do!
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Several years ago I had the idea of documenting an online phenomenon called Whiskerino. I call it a phenomenon because for me, I had never experienced anything like it. Many people would ask me why I was growing my beard out. When I told them that I was a participant in “Whiskerino” immediately I would get this next question: “What’s Whiskerino?” I could find no better reason to create a film about my experience.
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Over the last 4.5 years I’ve been immersed with the creative group Athentikos and the two documentaries I’ve helped shoot and produce. It’s been a very rewarding, heartbreaking and joyous experience. One I hope to continue for years (given I’m the VP of the organization, its probably a safe bet!).

In that time I’ve only been involved on two 48 hour shorts (one of them winning the Nashville region) and an independent trilogy, working with writer director Motke Dapp. It’s been over two years since I was the DP on that project. I enjoy working on short films as it’s an opportunity to spread your wings creatively without killing yourself trying to produce a feature film on no budget. So when my fellow editor in crime during my stint at Dave Ramsey’s organization David Wilkinson came to me over a year ago with a story idea, my ears were lit.

David told me the story of a guy who attempts to find community in some very unorthodox ways, I was immediately
Intrigued. We dove in!

Marko Visual Enters Production for Short Fruitcake

After tweaking the screenplay for a couple of months last year David and I felt like we had a solid story to tell. ‘Fruitcake’ was born. We spent another couple of months looking for a core team to help us accomplish this crazy task of producing and logistically making it happen… and, of course, on no budget. I’ll go into details about how we’re doing that in a later post. But needless to say its definitely moving forward. We have a near complete crew and a full cast. David is directing and lead editor, I’ll be the Cinematographer on set as well as colorist in post. Both of us are splitting the Producer duties.

Because we are producing this film on no budget, we decided to break up the production and shoot enough of the film to out a trailer together, use it to do a finding campaign and then complete the film, hopefully having a small budget, later in the summer. We begin phase 1 at the end of April.

Please follow the progression of the production by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

As many of you know accomplishing this kind of feat is by no means easy and having a huge support can make all the difference. I’m extreme grateful for all of the cast and crew who’ve decided to come on this adventure, the experience so far has taught me how much people love creating and how important it is to foster that desire. My hope is ‘Fruitcake’ will be a project that will inspire all of us and all who see it.

More news to follow!

When you expose the WHY of anything you expose the HEART of someone.

Expose the Heart

This was a busy week, I saw many items of interest so this weeks wrap-up may be a little long!

How Rejection Breeds Creativity

Wrap-Up: November 26, 201299U had a great post about how being rejected as an artist can breed creativity. It’s only in our failures do we see doing things a new way.

“Rejection happens, and when it does, how we respond to it matters!”

It’s a great read and highly recommend it for any creative because you, like I, will face rejection!

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John Williams Scoring E.T.

When I was going to school for music (ions ago!) my goal was to score music for films. I still love and have a passion for music in film so seeing videos like this brings that passion to the forefront!

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Wrap-Up: November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012 — 1 Comment

I’ve mentioned on past blogs that I get much of my info on the industry by subscribing to some industry blogs and news services, as well as other blogs and online magazines that hold my interest. Many times as I’m checking my feeds I don’t have time to read through every single article. So I add them to Pocket, a service that saves any URL in one place to catch back up with later. I love it! However I often don’t get to share what I read because I think it’s old news. But then I would see the same articles pop up several days later on other feeds. So maybe the news I get IS still relevant.

With that in mind I thought I’d create one blog post, a wrap-up you could say, that summarizes the news and articles I read from the previous week. They may not be breaking news but I’m sure there may be some things you yourself didn’t catch from the previous week. Maybe you, like myself, often have busy weeks and do not get a chance to get caught up on all the happenings around the industry. Well, I hope these wrap-up posts will give you a glimpse of what you missed and get you caught up.

Just FYI, this isn’t a comprehensive list so please don’t feel like you have to fill me on on the other happenings I don’t mention. These are just some things that I found interesting and may not be the most talked about around the web. Enjoy!
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Frank Darabont Gives Us 6 Tips on Filmmaking

Film School Rejects posted a great article from the director of Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont, about some tips the director wants every filmmaker to carry with them. The article doesn’t dive too much into the background of the director but you pick up some tid bits here and there.

Some of my favorites from the article are:

Focus On the Humanity
No matter the genre, movies should find the core emotion and focus on it if they’re to transcend beyond pure entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with spectacle because it can be a fun diversion, but the movies that we tend to remember most can marry spectacle to the human element in a way that crawls into our hearts and minds to set up residence.


Stay Humble
Darabont constantly has people telling him he’s made their favorite movie, but you’d never know it to hear the man speak. His ego is firmly in check along with a few self-deprecating jabs. Maybe it goes back to a time when Gene Siskel wasn’t sure how to pronounce Darabont’s name. Or maybe being nominated for 3 Oscars and never winning (or having a movie nominated for 7 and win exactly 0).

Check out the full article here.