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Fundraising sucks! There, I said it, I got it out of the way! As I write this I’m feeling pretty defeated. I just got off of a team meeting via video chat and although I’m usually the one that has to rally the troops, tonight I felt very un-inspirational. I didn’t have the ra-ra speech at the end to tell the team keep their head up, “we’ll get the money!” Or, “don’t worry, we have plenty of time!” I just didn’t have it in me. Not because I’ve lost all hope. We’re not even half way done yet so throwing in the towel is a little pre-mature, I’m in touch enough to realize that. No, I just didn’t have it in me TONIGHT! I’m tired, I want to stop for just a moment and gain some perspective.

What’s the perspective?

Maybe it’s that people really still do believe in a great story. Maybe it’s that people love a comeback story as well and people are waiting to see what happens. Well, whatever the perspective, it need not change what we’re trying to do!
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What do you do when you’ve about wrapped all of production, spent two solid weeks in Guatemala filming a documentary and you have an afternoon free?

Well, we decided to hike an active volcano called Pacaya, just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. It was a last minute decision so we armed ourselves with GoPro cameras, a Canon 5D MkII and a C300, a Kessler PocketDolly and motor and set off to see what we could get. Here’s a couple of videos documenting the journey and a final video showing you the results. Enjoy!

Vibram FiveFingers and Documentary FIlmmaking

I decided to do a little side project while on my last trip to Guatemala to shoot the next upcoming film by Athentikos called “Becoming Fools.” The side project involved testing out my new Vibram FiveFingers Komodosport multisport shoes, to see if they could hold up 16 days of production across a vigorous terrain that we would encounter during our time in and around Guatemala City.

I tried as much as I could, using my iphone, to capture the terrain and environments in which we were shooting. This video is a culmination of that footage. It’s not perfect and I had hoped to do more updates but the schedule was insane! Enjoy!

Make sure to check out Vibram at

I had the chance to field test a Canon C300 for a couple of days. I’m going to be using the camera on my next trip to Guatemala to finish shooting the second documentary for Athentikos called Becoming Fools:

So I used this opportunity to see what kind of images I could get from the camera in certain lighting situations and settings. I used two lenses, the Canon 24-70L 2.8 and a Zeiss ZE 50mm 1.4. None of the footage has been treated and I used the LogC profile for all the clips you see.

Special thanks to Michael at AC Inc for the loaner!

Well here it is, I’ve been talking about what I couldn’t show for several months and now that it’s been announced, I can finally show some pieces of the new Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. I won’t go into great detail because there’s too many! But if you want a “behind the scenes” look at what went into this, check out a video I did a month ago on using the RED cameras for this production:

There are 9 videos in all for the series and each one has an intro such as what you see in the beginning. Out of the 9 we had to shoot 5 specifically for the new series in which 4 of them were shot in 3 days! How’s that for numbers! :)

For both the production and BTS we used a variety of cameras from the REDs, Sony F3, to GoPro, DSLR cameras, we also used the Kessler Crane Stealth slider with the Elektra drive motion system. We pulled everything out on this whole production (within budget of course) and I couldn’t be more happier in the results!

This is a free preview video featuring Chris Hogan of Dave Ramsey’s organization. He is a financial coach and speaker who helps families and professionals with their finances. This video series was created to help those who feel they have no alternative than to turn to bankruptcy. This series coaches them on how to deal with their situations and provide tools to pull themselves out of the financial turmoil they find themselves in. You can find more information at:

The entire series was shot mostly on the Sony F3 using the Sony prime lenses with the exception of the tug-o-war scene. All of that was shot using the RED Epic but still the same Sony primes. We also use the GoPro Hero2 with a custom underwater housing for some of the underwater scenes. You can view some BTS of this video series here: