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Like many of you who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of that little black box with an image on the front that looks like a P&S camera, only that you know it can accomplish so much more in the form of video, my wait was over a little over a week ago. Unfortunately, at the time, I was extremely busy but I still found time to mount my few sets of primes and give the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera a run through over the course of a few days.

Between running around chasing the kids around the house, finding some areas within walking distance of where I live and taking the camera on set of a short film I’m about to wrap filming for (Shameless plug: #FruitcakeMovie @FruitcakeMovie I was able to scrape up some footage and get a feel for the camera.

I’m sure there are a butt load of video footage going around the interwebs showing off the capabilities of the BMPCC and the image quality the camera can produce but guess what… this video is no different! Some of the clips are color corrected but only slightly. Some of the clips I’ve shown the original and treated versions of the video.

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You’ve heard me talk about using the Canon C300 as a great choice for shooting a documentary film. Now see why the C300 is a great choice from a post stand point. I show you examples of the same scene, similar shots but three different cameras rolling. See not only why color correcting the C300 footage is much easier but using some scope tools, why the information captured by the C300 will make your editor and colorist much happier to work with your footage.

This is not a very in depth tutorial on how to color correct or grade footage but more of a comparison video to show the difference between the two cameras from a post and editing view point.

If you missed the video on using the Canon C300 for a documentary film, you can view that here:

I had the chance to field test a Canon C300 for a couple of days. I’m going to be using the camera on my next trip to Guatemala to finish shooting the second documentary for Athentikos called Becoming Fools:

So I used this opportunity to see what kind of images I could get from the camera in certain lighting situations and settings. I used two lenses, the Canon 24-70L 2.8 and a Zeiss ZE 50mm 1.4. None of the footage has been treated and I used the LogC profile for all the clips you see.

Special thanks to Michael at AC Inc for the loaner!