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This was a busy week, I saw many items of interest so this weeks wrap-up may be a little long!

How Rejection Breeds Creativity

Wrap-Up: November 26, 201299U had a great post about how being rejected as an artist can breed creativity. It’s only in our failures do we see doing things a new way.

“Rejection happens, and when it does, how we respond to it matters!”

It’s a great read and highly recommend it for any creative because you, like I, will face rejection!

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John Williams Scoring E.T.

When I was going to school for music (ions ago!) my goal was to score music for films. I still love and have a passion for music in film so seeing videos like this brings that passion to the forefront!

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We were invited to capture some of the happenings at Nashville Lifestyles Magazine’s annual Music in the City event. Here is the video we created for them to feature on their website.

Directed and stunt co-ordinated by Max Hsu
thanks to our friends who helped us get this done:

Lee Bridges
Dave Schwarz
Bobby Marko
Dustin Hudelson
Brad O’donnell
Scott Beale
Caleb George
Chase Lovelace
Ray Darter
Justin Katerberg
Nick Jones
Jared Morris
Adam McCants
Richard Andrewski
Jim Scherer

Stunt double for brandon:
Jamie Davis

MVC was hired as DP and editor for Capital Lights new music video “Outrage”. This version is pre-treatment. Link to the final version is coming soon.

Director: Dave Hill
Director of Photography: Bobby Marko
Camera: Bobby Marko, Dave Hill
Editor: Bobby Marko
Visual Effects: Josh Newman
Creative Director: Jonathan Dimmel